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MarketsandMarkets' Custom Research Services provide clients with the unique information they need to stay ahead of competition in today's fast paced business environment. Our vast range of research services provide our clients with this informational edge at granular as well as strategic level. We provide a spectrum of services across the / value chain, ranging from day-to-day information needs to complex research solutions to assist our clients in fulfilling their strategic needs.

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The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) provides full–service survey research services tailored to fit your specific research needs. The IPR research staff will assist you with the appropriate research design to fit your particular research needs. IPR's custom research services include the following:

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In this video, John McKnight, ESG's VP of Research, discusses the features and benefits of ESG's Custom Research Services.

For our writers, the most important requirement for the final product is that you are satisfied. Feedback can be given to us directly by telephone, email, or our . Skype consultation is also available by request. We are always happy to hear your feedback so that we can further improve our custom research paper service.

We have been providing custom research paper services for more than 7 years. We’ve gathered the team of professionals and we will choose the writer that will complete your task perfectly!We understand the convoluted nature of industrial terminology, we understand the complexities involved within the decision making units, and we understand the multifaceted applications of business-to-business products. Our teams in Asia, Europe and the US are highly experienced in finding the most suitable people to interview and in drawing out appropriate information from them through interviews. Some of our custom market research services are listed below: