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Staffing and recruiting subject matter could also be found in your human resources degree coursework. Part of working in human resources may involve knowing what types of people are right for an organization and in what amounts. Many organizations can't afford to hire just anybody and everybody they want, and their management and human resources staff must sometimes make difficult decisions on what positions to fill and when. It can then be up to the human resources department to go out and find the right individuals for those jobs. It might also be up to human resources to convince these people to come work for the organization -- selling them on the job so to speak.

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According to Forbes, 72 percent of graduates in the field of computer science find jobs within six months of graduation -- the highest percentage of all college majors. This popular online degree includes coursework in programming, coding and both software and hardware design. Programs typically combine theoretical and practical courses, and grads are in high demand.

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An MA NTO student should graduate the same semester in which they complete their coursework on the degree plan. A terminal MA NTO student (one who will not continue in the PhD track) is not required to register the semester they graduate if all degree plan coursework is complete. If a student needs to register for any reason after degree plan coursework is finished, they should register for ANTH 685 Directed Studies.