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I always get questions about manuscript submission services like Authorlink or Writer’s Edge or Christian Manuscript Submissions. (Also known as manuscript display websites.) These are services that show your writing to agents and editors through a website and/or monthly report that displays your logline, synopsis, and a sample of your manuscript. Most of these services charge fees of around $100 for the listing.

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>HI Rachel,
I have a friend who posted her proposal with one of those manuscript services and it was accepted by Moody. She went on to win the Christy Award in the YA a couple years ago, and also the nomination in the First Book category. The author is Cathy Gohlke, and the book, which I LOVED was, William Henry is a Fine Name. She is a very gifted writer. Her second novel which is a sequel to William Henry, also with Moody, I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires, was nominated for the YA Christy this year. So it does happen. But she is the only author I know personally who received a contract that way.

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* This service is included with Manuscript Editorial Services.        JBS-Publishing

Aries Systems Corporation is pleased to provide links to the following independent manuscript preparation services. Once your manuscript is ready for submission, please visit the appropriate Editorial Manager to make your submission.

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>I used the Writer’s Edge service a few years. After they listed my manuscript, I heard from a few subsidy publishers,self-publishing companies that wanted a small fee for publishing, etc. I did hear back from the publishing company I signed with, however, and while they are not a huge traditional publisher, they don’t charge to publish, do offer royalties and I did some research, hearing good things about them. Writer’s Edge offers a list of publishers their reports appear to, so you could always check with that list and then go directly to the publisher’s website to see if they recommend using a manuscript service (I know a few of the bigger names do–after all that research). Hope this helps someone if they are torn on the decision.