I needed resume help but I was in denial

If you can agree with the analogies that I wrote above then we can agree that maybe resume help wouldn’t be the worst thing. As I have said in previous articles and as countless other website studies have proven, recruiters and HR professionals spend on average six (6) seconds looking at a resume. If your resume does not capture their attention, guess what? You need resume help! Six seconds!! You are leaving the fate of your potential dream job to six seconds and not only that, you asked for no help because you thought you knew how to write a resume. Why wait for the rejection letter to realize you need resume help?

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If you can agree that you only have about six seconds to make an impression, that means the top half of your resume needs to be bulletproof! This is your objective/summary, skills, areas of expertise, accomplishments, etc… While no two resumes are the same, you need someone to determine what sections you need resume help with. Let’s use an example such as the objective/summary. There is always an on-going debate on whether to use an objective or summary and there is no golden answer as it “depends”. It depends on your career status, profession, industry, employment status, etc… With some resume help, you could figure out which one is best for you and your particular situation.

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Is my argument not strong enough? Here is another one for why you need resume help. Can you describe the difference between a technical, chronological, functional, targeted and hybrid resume? If not, then why are you writing your own resume? Once again…you need resume help!