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Online group work checklist
As part of the seminar, Mandernach provided the following checklist for creating and implementing online group projects:

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Don't be afraid to take the lead. Although online group projects and presentations are a collaborative effort, someone needs to take the lead. Don't be shy. Send a message to your teammates to get the conversation started.

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Online group projects and presentations provide countless opportunities for deeper learning, yet the nature of online learning also presents unique challenges when working with other students. Keep the following tips on how to organize online group projects in mind for a more fulfilling and stress-free group work experience during your online course.

Group projects may also cause both students and instructors additional work due to the potential issues that may arise during the course of the project. Issues often involve questions and concerns around grading, equal distribution of work, communication pitfalls, and managing expectations. The following guidelines offer some ways to manage online group projects and establish clear objectives in order to facilitate a robust and engaging experience for each member of the group. These guidelines are based on past experiences as an instructor in computer information systems. You may need to adjust the guidelines based on the specific project you assign.