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A few days into my new routine, I signed up to take an online sketchbook class from Craftsy to help me improve my sketches and to give me some ideas and guidance as well as accountability.

College student takes an online class in his dorm room.

You can tack on a few more credit hours in one semester.
If you are a traditional student looking to take an extra class but can’t fit it into your schedule, you can take that class online and not have to worry about whether you’re available for its meetings. This is an especially great aspect of taking an online class, even if you are only taking one or two in a semester, in conjunction with your traditional face-to-face classes. Just make sure you have the time outside of your regular classes to sit down and work on your online coursework.

Tips to Successfully Take an Online Class

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I have taken four online classes now, at of only 11 classes total in college. I found that it is easier for me to take classes online just because I live a half an hour drive away from my college; however, I prefer traditional classes a lot more. I only suggest taking classes online if you know the subject well and think the traditional class will be easy for you to understand. For example, if you are retaking an algebra class you had in High School or getting an English prerequisite at of the way. Again, this is only my experience from taking four online classes; so, don’t base your decision of taking an online class solely off of this post. I would suggest reading the page about online classes on your college’s website and asking people from your own college about their experiences.