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The Writing Assistance Program envisions tutoring as a process of empowerment; we aim to help you succeed independently as a writer by developing a long-term, complex skill set. In other words, we want to help make you a better writer for life, not just for one assignment.

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The Writing Assistance Program at Philadelphia University strives to create a welcoming, accessible environment where students can come to receive individualized writing instruction in engaging tutoring sessions. Our trained, professional writing tutors assist Philadelphia University undergraduate and graduate students with writing assignments for any course, at any stage of the writing process.

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The Purdue University  is another superb source for writing assistance.

You may have a case study assignment for an undergraduate class or graduate pursuits. Some of these may have to do with psychology topics or even philosophy. The possibilities are expansive when it comes to these types of studies. In some instances, these assignments are required to be a certain length. This may have to do with the word count or even the number of pages. Getting writing assistance through can be helpful.

Our writing assistance includes the following services: thesis writing help and paper writing help, dissertation writing help and coursework help, college and research paper writing, book repot and term paper writing help! We can handle any project you have to submit, even when deadline is tomorrow morning! The RCLC has an on staff Writing Assistant for English as a Second Language Students. Make an appointment with Writing Assistant Deena Elgenaidi for writing assistance if you are a student for which English is a second language .